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Problem 53 Medium Difficulty

Each of the regions $ A $, $ B $, and $ C $ bounded by the graph of $ f $ and the $ x $-axis has area 3. Find the value of $$ \int^2_{-4} \bigl[ f(x) + 2x + 5 \bigr] \,dx $$



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Video Transcript

okay. We know that we have the ability to break up the three into rolls into three different parts that we can then write the area's off toe, add them together. So I'm breaking up the into girls right now. As you can see, we know we have negative three because we had negative three plus three minus B, which is negative three. And then we knew we had negative 16 post for witches. Negative 12 and then five times six, which is 30 giving us 15 total.