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Problem 121

Hydrocarbon mixtures are used as fuels. (a) How m…

University of Maine
Problem 120

Elements $X(\text {green})$ and $\mathrm{Y}$ (purple) react according to the following equation: $\mathrm{X}_{2}+3 \mathrm{Y}_{2} \longrightarrow 2 \mathrm{XY}_{3} .$ Which molecular
scene represents the product of the reaction?





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Video Transcript

to look at a picture of a reaction. We can consider the small circles in each picture as an element and when they're combined that the compound. So, for example, if we look at A and we consider that purple is element, why in green is Element X is made up of x two? And why to which are reactive in this equation? If we look at B, we see that the purples are why, too. And there's also formula has one green and to purples. So we also have X Y two. Neither of those are products and are above reaction and C. We have one green or X with three wise attached and no other products do. We also have the X y three. But there's also some X and Y some X and also some. Why, too, so the only one that matches up with the Onley, the product that we need is C

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