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Problem 137 Hard Difficulty


a. percent yield of reaction $=\frac{n(\text {diethylether}, \exp )}{n(\text {diethylether, theor})} * 100=89,2$ percent
b. $\mathrm{m}($ ethylene $)=\mathrm{Mr}^{*} \mathrm{n}=0,053 \mathrm{mol}^{*} 28,05 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}=1,48 \mathrm{g}$


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Video Transcript

So we're giving the reaction. Ah, we have different to ration. The first reaction is deceiving yourself, Doug. If our either. So we have two f new mock You going to react with each other to form my evil beaver show over here. And then also, there's a side reaction. They will be sure Ana reaction to the offender will undergo Ah, dehydration to form. Ah, after me. All right. So if we ah, have 50 grand Avenue to start with and they put your for your five point ah, nine Graham off fever, what would be the ah percentage you What will be the percentage you? So the percent it's you, its Sequels to our, um um the experimental. Or you can see the match experimental. Um, you all further for radical, real free, radical you. So it's the foetal. What would be the if one of your first single? Well, what we're there for vertical. You tires 100% and then we can find out. Ah, percentage. You Okay, so for this case Ah, let's go look at our equation for two. You know it will form one. Ah, either to f inal form one either. So We're going to cover the theoretical you first fee. Ready, Cole, you Is this so we know that the mood away show off. The reaction is to afternoon, too. One either ratio. So we should have to found the lumber Morse off afternoon. So I just e t o h s f no. So we have 50 Graham or effort? No, to start with. And the afternoon. Oh, ah, for Miller a see Ashley ch two away. So we have to find them on the mass. So, um so that's father. Will the mass first Super 16 1 It would be cause for six grand per mo. All right, Sylvia. 46 gram for mo so we can find on Bumble, so we'll be equals to 1.1 mole. Well, definitely. Okay, so we go back to our location again. We have to afternoon the motorway Shit between the after no and ive. There will be 2 to 1. You can say from the reaction equation. So we want to found Ah, Either the limbo more would you for reveals the 1.1 d y bites you because 2 to 1 ratio. So when from one day of by two. It would really couldn't see well, for 55 more. All right, so we have to convert that. Ah, assumed this reaction going to wonder if Assange complete. So is we have 7.55 more theoretical. So what would be the mass off? Ah, you for produce. So we are going Thio Mother plan our morning mass of fever with the number most so were sealed for 55 most times the lumber Moore's off fever. Okay, so that's coming here that I'm Baltimore UV B is a pretty big mark. You Ah, for one. Uh, actually, we have to Ah, afternoon, Come buying referred shoulder. But we have a water spinning nose and the process, so we know that, um, they're total on the mass Off Avenue is 46. So we just went. Bye bye. Forces buying to be way up to afternoon. Ah, educator. But these loose of water So minus 18 the water. So we know that we recently four grand for more form with a mass off that ether and everyone by by the humble most we should be able to find a 40.7 grandfather of theoretical. You All right. So the looks that we go back, we're going to plug our free radical you over here. So it's 44 41 7 So 40 plus if incorrect. So we have 35.9 d white by 40.7 time. 100%. It will be equals to 88 0.2 percent will be the percentage you. Okay, So, poppy, if 45% of the offender doesn't pull the receiver So what would be the Master Evan introduce? Because 45% off them assume for 5%. It doesn't put to use their either than they must go to the side reaction. So, um, we are going thio. Okay, What would be the weight off that afternoon first, So Ah, let's go back where? 45%. So we have 50 grand wealth afternoon to start riff. So your mother piper so points for five or 45%. So it will be 22.2. Ah, for 22.5 gram of avenue. Okay, so, um, we want you know, how many limbo more f inal from here. So it would be 22.5 year by 46. Ah, we will have several points for eight night. Most off. Ah, you know. Okay, so we go back to our side reactions. So for each after New Year, four years, one evidence. So it's 1 to 1 ratio. So the number of most off our ah ah ch to siege to we also you co CEO Seo Point for 89 most All right, so we just need to call Write that to the mass. So we just leave Thio, um, take our love almost mummified by the more than mass over time Some of the mass What would be the more than mass again? We can't just called me that. Ah, it will be equals to ah, 28. So a 28 grand for mole, Not just missing units a safe time. So you breathe 13 0.7 graham off our ch to say she'll produce if we have four or 5% f inal doesn't produce their evil on desert. The answer of poppy