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Problem 41 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate each double integral.
$$\int_{0}^{4} \int_{0}^{x} \sqrt{x y} d y d x$$




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Video Transcript

Oh, we would like toe ever wait disturber integral from zero to full 02 eggs squared off x times y the X The worm is that this is the render of why this is Ranger for X. This gonna be too rich. Simplify this and to groom so that to ri bc for us this one Is it a little four and say great 02 eggs. Remember that here, X goto What extra? Scratch it off X y can be good toe X. This can't be good too. Eggs they must weigh to bore Born over to This is also in addition also, this one can be good to X to pull one over two and white for one of us too. I should write this question like this. Did we change nothing? This horse can be good away so we can have here integral or eggs. I'm straight, right? Eggs who? Where? We have Biggs Peron over too. And here we have otherwise for one of a two. Do you for the over eggs? This is easier. Then be fruit. So here, going to every weight trench A great with respect to what? It means that this is a constant means That becomes the very easy. So we heard integral 0 to 4 eggs too poor won over Full. Not one of our 41 over to Sorry or one? Yeah, two. And any girl from zero to x off. Why? To bore on over to Do you want Do I then the X but getting remember that two free hearthe Ah, integral Off eggs to pork. Okay, the eggs. This is good too. Eggs to bore. Okay, press one over. Okay, press one. So it means that here will have This is okay. Is that why press? Why? To pull one over to press one over. Why? Press over one over to press one. So this is culture in shape. Group from 0 to 4 exist to purr one over too. I'm here. We heard waas for one of our two. Press one stud to why? All right, three over. Two off, huh? Three over too. Then Time Z, we pulled the very off. Why? Which is going to zero and X. This is the vendor of why then d x so in two. Who is going through? Excuse me. We pulled it very often. Hey, Why Here? This is the pigs that is and tickle from 0 to 4. Exit a bull one over two and no ice fish guts from used despair. Just It's okay. So we put the very effect. Why here? This is the eggs. Because that's his ex to pariah 30 over two. Over. See over too, If we put very afore I They were here. This is zero. So it's minus zero. This is the eggs. This is good too. Gonna put this before I sign there. Integral sign. This is good, too. Two over three. Who's the one of the three over two. And they grew from 0 to 4. We can because we have this same business gonna add the exponents. This is go to for over two. This is X e square. Exp read D x. So this is gonna be good, too. Toe over three. Using the same formula would have eggs too poor to press one over to press one, which is goingto X cube over three. Then report very offer eggs, which is goingto zero. And you full. This is good too. Is to over 93 times three is 92 over nine So we put here for Is it for too poor three minus. We put zero. Here is little bar 30 Good. So this is good, too 120 Because this is 64 this 128 over nine. Using your very guess, I'm gonna have 14. Pointed two. True to again. Toe to toe to toe. Good. This is the answer for this sick Durbar and she

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