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Problem 45 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate each double integral.
$$\int_{0}^{4} \int_{1}^{e^{x}} \frac{x}{y} d y d x$$




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Video Transcript

So we're going to be very wait. Disturbance a girl from 0 to 10 toe eat for X or from eggs over. Why the eggs off t X and doing so the ranger off. You see, very aware that the lynch off wise is really full and it's not correct The range of rice I made sure the building Mr. This is T why this isn't the X the wise truly going to be here's you shouldn't should not be purse because this is the ranger. For why? From a while to a triple X And this is wonderful ex. So this is good too. If we leave right away to this first off words with respect to why is that? This is constant. This is one over. Rice is a tribble crust. Been make it easier. Fruit, eggs, integral one toe. Ito Poor X off one over. All right. It's rich one. We're we're want to like seeking or one good or move away then deep. Why we should make direct is this is the thanks. This is easier. This question, I think, becomes simple because if we integrate this, this is director table. This is rogue. Got it to move away. Is that we heard They're in off. Why? And we put a very afraid for I render for Isaac one Tow it Bore X. Yes. And then apprentices is not necessary. Them D x, this is cultural incident Room 0 to 4 over eggs if we both here for you for X. Here we have. Is Aaron off exponents off eggs, which is good toe eggs. This is time of X. If we have enough wire, you know, zero minus zero. This is That's the trigger takeoff X times the ex ex ex career Do your friends been rights to wear zero for exists created do your freaks Good. So far, so good Integrating this one, you know, farewell your way. That's if we heard the mini mind again. And remind the premiere for this one. If we have integral for exit to poor. Okay, you're for eggs. This is good too. Eggs to born. Okay, press one over. Okay. Press one. There was. When you have any money. So you are the one dividing by one. Miss that Here you are. Kiss would be good too. Eggs Cube is extra blustery pigs to pour three Yeah. Huh? Three. Then input. Where you for? And zero. Which is good. Too full. Three over three. This is got to 64. Oh, three. This is the Minister for R inte grew. If you will do like

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