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Problem 39 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate each double integral.
$$\int_{2}^{4} \int_{2}^{x^{2}}\left(x^{2}+y^{2}\right) d y d x$$




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Video Transcript

we're going to inform waits this durbar integral air from 2 to 4 toe excess square X squared plus y squared the y and the experience that the range of flexes to four venture off. Why is two Xs great? So this is good too. Gonna very wait. We cannot separate first with respect away, which is going to to 24 if we do disinterest raises into good directory. So you see, fairway, that if we've seen Red to buy, we're respecting tow away. This exists crave because it's constant off Why his exist Square times were so here. We're gonna have exist. Clear time issue. All right. Good. And this is the excess grey is the screamin due respect toe work. You intervention. This this is very important is that we have Why too bored to then press one over? Or this is going to perhaps why the bullet to press Juan is three over to press one, which is going to three. Then we pulled the boners off. Why? It exists credit. And, uh, we put two. Remember that those air Very awful. Why serve values of the way this the necks? Good. So this is going true in the group from two to food immigrating from 22 for people's very off. Why here is exist Skweyiya Timeless excess cream that is. They extend text too powerful extra bar for minus two times. What two times to excuse for it off. Wise to is minus tool exists. Create it Good Then press this one. People worry off here we heard exists created through this extra plastics. But by the reading three fixed for six dividing three and mine us because but two to hear is to Cube is eight minus age over three. Then the war depicts. Sorry, because I have already finished. If I waiting back what we're going to interest grades with respect to the techs speaks to your ex So this is good too. If we will integrate this world with respect to eggs can do It's desist, Eric, Integration This is eggs to performing that we will use the same formula we used to use. Believe me. Remind you this form here again There is no program. If we have integration off XY toe Poor kay, the off eggs Remember that This promise is that this is good too. Eggs to board Okay, Press one. Well, for okay. Press went so 32 days because that this is Goto X to borrow five over five. Biggs to born. Five over five minus. This is to integration. Fix this way. It means that the six toe board three over three, two times. This is not a good await Rights, too. Should write it too. Like this way. Scoop the eggs to bore three over three. I don't know if this theory is the least of our world. Then make it very clear. Sorry. Yeah, it can break today. We have eggs. Just ex KGB over three, X cube over three X cube. Good for over three. Then press. This is excess to boss. Six minutes. That is a ex Tobar seven over seven. That this is extra 47 using the four of the same for me. You're here. This is good to eggs. Born seven over. Seven times three is over 21. And my nuts. This is eight over. Three times the eggs. Eight eggs. Oh, uh, see board here very off. Exes. Goto 2 to 4. It was from 2 to 4. Good. This is the answer. So we can if I wait this and yet we can't have 4245 Well, to borrow. Five over five minus full. The boy three. It's too for to both. Three over three. Press toe. Passive in. Not too full 44 to 7 overs went one minus four times 8 32 Go on seven, then minus. We're going to put two. Here is 2 to 4. Five over five press because minus he is press two to toe for us. Three over three would take this. I'm to be gone. Fuel us minus totals are seven over 21 Press because this is minus press 16 over three. Let me use my curricular to correct Create this. If you can seem pretty sure booked. Okay? I can do it yourself. Just prefer. But this is good too. Menus This way. We don't need it just for me anymore. Then a different answer. She used to carry critter. This is good too. This is good too for use my characters. I found this. Uh, come on in a minute. I can pull this touch five to some. Should do some simplification. Here we have three, two, five for for on then this for you. Progress Military Goto 90 100 Twin nine point aids too. Age five. It's too big. Fire Seven. And that other numbers. So this is the answer for our poor brain.

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