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Problem 43 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate each double integral.
\int_{2}^{6} \int_{2 y}^{4 y} \frac{1}{x} d x d y


$\approx 2.7726$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "So we're asking toe integrate this different A group? This is six and can be confused if you just remember from 2 to 6 from two white toe Why one of ex deep off Rex did Why is that the range off wise to toe for the range off exits to wash to four. What I think this is isn't saver Ah Cruise. We can never wait distance able you know very well this is direct Chicken is raw Galit him off x because we if we integrated this with respect to X, this is bro. Got two more for X. You know everyone so yeah, cruel from 2 to 6. If we integrate this really Everyone think everyone knows thesis This is Earl guarded him off eggs. This is directed table because the river tip off yogurt Oh, for eggs is the wonder of our eggs. Then we put very awful extra here is tour us in four way there I did. Why? Ah, this isn't a life. You'll see This way There were I should write to right this This is the recipient Smarties. But on this one, it's going to integral from 2 to 4. If we bought them for you for Why offer eggs here? That is low. Gary. Tim, off four eggs. Four way. Sorry for what? Then mine us rogard to move tour. Right Then we integrate with respect to worry so we can do decent chamber. But if we know the property's off, bro, Gary is in really remind you some off dame. If we have a rogue er it off a minus. Brokered move. Be if you have a rogue item or for a minus Log item off B. This is good, too. Brought Gary Tim off a over b. A different baby. We're going to offer a dividing by bees and right. It's got to locate him off a minor stroke. It must be located him off a time was the biggest score to locate him off a press tour. Guide him off. If we have my application, we can add a He So we can used this pro part here so that we in a question we can have inside grew from two still here off. Look, Gary off full. Why off, huh? To why? Deep off, why forward Over your eyes Go to true. So the question is, if the prints seem pruner. It's good to integrate a takeover from 2 to 4 both wrong Gary Tim off too, cause for why overto wise goto, which is independent of why both dependent fried. This is a constant. So means that our intake or is good too. Row, Gary, Team off tool games away. Sorry, because it's in. Take off your stay, Mzee. Why, then? You ever read it too, Fool! Toto, this is good too. Earl! Gary! Tim! Off tool guys! Enough to relating off two times if we put a very off Why? Here we have four four minus two. The four minus two is two, which is good too. Two rogard team off to. This is called tour. Guide him off for to religion of to his therapist for getting a four. This If you use your guard greater. This can't be good too. But I'm sure I made a mystic again here. This is six. And then I changed with doubts. I made a mistake here, Jim. Why? This is No This is not for this is no four. Sorry. This is six. I don't know if you throwing me where you should realize that I made this mystic this for so here. Or disciple six. So this is six. There. Route 16 here. Six miners to is it for No. Two and invigorating this worm. This means that is before Aaron off, too. Even you can use your Curt Ritter and find different the approximate three possibles. You can keep it that this is the rent. Since I feel like a computer, you can thank you."}

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