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Problem 5 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate each integral.
$$\int_{4}^{9} \frac{3+5 y}{\sqrt{x}} d x$$


$6+10 y$


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Video Transcript

So our problem today is the both Ian figure. They said this is definitely figel for Ah, Robert is full proponents nine three plus five were right or a square load off eggs, which is goingto be over X. Uh, this is good, too. Before her for me. What task? Just wanna governments don't be confused it with why this is not a very Bryn Mawr because we have deep off eggs mean that we have toe integrate with respect to variable X means that three plus five why is constant is like a B or C. This is one factor which is costing salt means that are very able is eggs who have to dear if eggs. So this becomes easier because this is good too. And a girl till nine. Excuse me. So we heard the on the denominator. We can have eggs. We can write eggs to pull one over two, one over two for one of two. Let's make it Korea, because it's difficult for me to use this next time. But it's okay, Stuber. One over two squared. So here on earth for we have city for us five y flavor worry, then variations. X d X. Excellent, kid. This kid. So we have three plus five. Why? Ah, for me Or if there's no Titian. Sorry. So this is why in this for you? Yeah, So we can put this because this is a constant. We can put a very brief earth infront off this sign. This can't be good too. It hurts. Three press five. Why, then in the girl integral for full Tor nine off. We can even bring this on an opera here. We can have eggs. Sorry, Gandhi have eggs. So remember that when the terms of this power becomes negative, that is Tober minus one over two, then variation or for eggs D X extinct. This Sorry. Are you sure? D X empty eggs. So remember that if we have and make something here like a formula, if we have the contender, this is even not sign of intergroup surgery. Every have and they grow here off. Let's take tea. Just say t toe for okay. The variation off t the tape. This is good toe. Remember what we is Good too. T to power k press one over K press one. That's fine. So if we heard we will drink to integrate Tito parquet with respect to a deed t where we have team topo. Okay, press one off. Okay, press one. We can pry this formula here and then we get so simply here we get ah three. Press five away forever. Why? And here is that we would have X tau power. Mine has to press to poor minus one over to press one and her ex Tau four minus one over too. But press one then over minus one over two. Press press one. And then we put boners here, which is good Tau nine. And for is that we're going tree fire eight eggs nine and my nuts. Ex goto for this is good too. Three press five away, then minus one over to press one. Let's go to one of the two is that would have squared off eggs. We just go to eggs to pull one over two squares off eggs. So here is minus one of our over press swan, which is good toe one over two. So one of a one off up to is like, too. You have two minds pride by to hear. So finally we get three plus further away times two bread put toe here. Maybe before apprentices. So we have three here. Press five away, then? Yeah, we're going to a father. Wait. Sorry. I have to pull the boners here. This is for this is nine. All right, admit, it's pretty clear we have for here. Here we have a nine. So squared off nine is goingto stay here. We have to put squared off nine here. So his ex is named for one of our tour, which is Goto free minus. We have to put XY for here is four scaled off. Four is going toe finery. This is good toe one. So we have two times three plus 42 times five, Which is good too. Six press day. Anyway, this is the answer, which may get key again then then away. So this is there, right? You're Assan. No. Uh, so into river Fruit Tau nine off three plus favor. Right square wheels off. Ex dear friends is goingto six plus 10. Why, thank you. This is the end off the program