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Problem 12 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate $\int _ { C } \sqrt { x ^ { 2 } + y ^ { 2 } } d s$ along the curve $\mathbf { r } ( t ) = ( 4 \cos t ) \mathbf { i } +$ $( 4 \sin t ) \mathbf { j } + 3 t \mathbf { k } , - 2 \pi \leq t \leq 2 \pi$




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Video Transcript

Okay, so now we have are wrinkles to foreclose on t for 70 three tea. We know that she's from the kids who want to fight. What's gonna be the derivative are with respect to see. So this will be next Four times Society for ko 70 three record for Murder The London's grow A function of X y Z is that legal's too. So that teen often t 1 29 to 1 at the That's t why t nzt Times module. But the R word ditty Chastity. So now plugging now the data we're gonna have exactly from neck to about the two point 20 d t. So the answer is 80 and spy.

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