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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate $\int _ { C } ( x - y + z - 2 ) d s$ where $C$ is the straight-line segment $x = t , y = ( 1 - t ) , z = 1 ,$ from $( 0,1,1 )$ to $( 1,0,1 )$ .




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Video Transcript

were given that or recourse to see one minus C and zero 40 between zero and one. So what is the Balkans for London's group? Or after the APB, X Y Z over can foresee. Yes, plug in the, um X y z We're gonna have tea. One modesty and zero in for the S, which is actually the or over DT in some city. So it's a from 0 to 1, which is Thea Range a lark and four or the line. So here, recording in the data, we're gonna have 0 to 1. 100 swirled too. The team. So the answer was square.

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