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Problem 17 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int e^{2 \theta} \sin 3 \theta d \theta $


$\frac{13}{4} I=\frac{1}{2} e^{2 \theta} \sin 3 \theta-\frac{3}{4} e^{2 \theta} \cos 3 \theta+C_{1} .$ Hence, $I=\frac{1}{13} e^{2 \theta}(2 \sin 3 \theta-3 \cos 3 \theta)+C,$ where $C=\frac{4}{13} C_{1}$


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Video Transcript

The problem is you violated the integral to to think that Ham's signed three days later. But this problem we will use my third of the integration by parts the family is integral of. You can't stay away from the axe. Is he? Go to UT B minus the integral off you prom hamsa the yaks. Well, our problem we can like you. Is he? Go to It was to theater on the way. Prom. It's equal to sign three data. Then you prom is equal to two times need to with data Visi Cultural one third because ninety one third sign three data now this integral It's iko too. You Toms, we This is ninety one third. You too to theatre sign three theater minus the integral of you Prom times we So this is negative. Two thirds of this plus choose third. I need to two theater co sign everything data now filled This integral we can use. I also used my third of the integration by parts at you. Is he going to eat with through theta? No, prom is equal to assign three theater. Then you promise Iko too. Two attempts to who theta and obviously code two one Third comes Sign three Theater Now this is Echo two. Negative one over three. You, too, to theatre co sign three theater class to over three times Newtown's fee. So this is one third. It was to theatre sign everything minus the integral of you. Prom times the This is two. Thirty. You too, to theatre Ham's sign. Three data. So this's equal to Nick to want third. You too. To theatre signed. Three theater plus to over nine. You too, to theatre. I'm signed. Three theater minus over nine into girl off. It's the truth. Either Sign everything now located this integral. This is the same eyes. This one. So we moved this term to left hand side and we have one plus over nine. It's the integral. You too. I'm signed. Three. Athena, this is equal to negative one. There are you, too, to third. Two Times co signed three times us to over nine. Eat it too, Tom Sida. I'm sign three times Dada. So this integral this cast him. That is their king over nine. So this isn't a girl. Is this integral? Two, two, three Sign data. You say that it's the culture. Negative. One third hams. So we multiply nine over thirteen for both sides. And this is negative. Three over thirteen. You too, toothy. Assign three US two over there. You two are too thin. Sign three data on the plus the cast and the number C.