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Problem 50 Hard Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int \frac{1}{x^2 \sqrt{4x + 1}}\ dx $


$2\left(-\ln (\sqrt{4 x+1}-1)-\frac{1}{\sqrt{4 x+1}-1}+\ln (\sqrt{4 x+1}+1)+\frac{1}{\sqrt{4 x+1}+1}\right)+C$


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Video Transcript

Let's try you sub here Let's take you to be for X plus one in the radical Then do you two over the radical and we can write This is two over you Do you? Excuse me? DX and then go ahead and solve this for D X. Okay, Now let's go to the original So we have just the one on top. Then we have the X. So that'LL be you over too Then here we see that in you But we also have X squared So to get that to your ex square bull sides and in sulfur x What? And then go ahead and square that to get X squared So we get you square minus one over four and we square the whole thing So this will be our explorer now we'LL see if we can cancel We could cancel these use And then we can write this four square but in the numerator. And then when we divide that by two you get a So we have one over you swear minus one square And then let's go to the next page. God in factor. Oops! Now here we would need to do partial fractions so we eh? You plus one d up D up and see a top. Okay. And then he ends up. So here you will find a, B, C and D, and we get the following one fourth for a also for B one over four. What? And then for C minus one over four. But then for the positive one over four. Now, just go ahead and use the power rule here for all these. So we have to natural log you plus one and then minus two, also minus two here. And then one more mind was too. And then our constancy. And then here we could go back in terms of x. So recall. Yeah, that was our use of So it's gotten plug this in for X for you. So it's you plus one minus two over you plus one and then minus two natural long. And then here we have you minus one Well, and then minus to you. And that's our answer.