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Problem 12 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int \tan^{-1} 2y dy $


$\int \tan ^{-1} 2 y d y=y \tan ^{-1} 2 y-\frac{\ln \left(1+4 y^{2}\right)}{4}+C$


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Video Transcript

The problem is you've followed the integral and in a humorous to Why me? Why? With this problem we were used. My third of the integration by parts. The formula is into Girl. You were prom yaks. It's a call to you. Terms we minus the integral You prom. We, Jax, Now for our problem, we cannot you Is ICO too impounded hearers to why? Like we prom, it's equal to one. Then you prom is culture two over one plus Sure. Why? On the square and the V, it's the culture. Why now use the formula Here we have integral of ten in the humors to y the y is you go to utensil visa. This is why hams han and humorous too. Why? And then minus and grow. You're prompt hams Visa. This is why over one plus why Square eve? Why now compute! It's this part. But this part we can use you substitution on the lighting you is cultural denominator one plus well, why square and you? It's the culture eight times. Why? Why is this the integral is cultural one force and to get all you over you. This is want force Alan, You a U is one plus both square. So this is when one pass my square now into girl of tannins. Universe To Why? Why? It's the culture. Why? Times ten and universe to why minus one Force No. In one glass. Well, why square on DH plus the cast a number, see?