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Problem 23 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int \tan^2 x dx $


$\tan (x)-x+c$


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Video Transcript

this problem is from Chapter seven section to problem number twenty three in the book Calculus Early. Transcendental lt's a Tradition by James Store. Here we have a indefinite integral of tangent squared of X. So here we can use the fact that one of our protection identities is tan square of eggs plus one equals sequence quarterbacks. So solving this for Tan's flared we have ten Tan squared is seeking squared minus one. So using this fact, we have in a girl seeking squared X minus one, and we can evaluate these integral separately. The integral of seek and square is simply tangent of X, and the integral of one is just X, and we also have our constant of integration, see, And there's our final answer.