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Problem 14 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int x \cosh ax dx $


$\frac{x \sinh a x}{a}-\frac{\operatorname{coshax}}{a^{2}}+c$


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Video Transcript

The problem is you violated the integral Axe terms. Couch, a ax, the ax. The first the coach Maniacs. This is by definition this is E to Zac's class. It's connective ax over. It's you and that we have the degenerative coach. A ax Coach X. Sorry. This's the definition of Coach Axe. The Coach Axe directive with this oneness. Iko too Strange X. This is two ax minus feet. You wax over two now for this problem. We're used to my third of the integration by parts. The formula is integral off. You were from the axe. It's the culture, new terms we minus into broke off you pronto times we yaks for our problem. We cannot you issue Goto Max on DH we prom is equal to coach a ham Sacks Then you prom is going to want on. Venus is equal to one over a hams Cinch a ax. Now it's a girl X Ham's coach a X B x sec. Call Chiu new terms. We is this one. Alright, I'm Saks Ham's cinch, Jax. And minus into girl off you prom Times B, This is one of St Hey, axe yaks. This is Nicole Chu one over a Times X um Finch. The axe minus plan over Esquire co sign the coach Jax on the plus the constant number. See, this is answer.