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Problem 5 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate the integral
$$\int_{0}^{4} \int_{x=y / 2}^{x=(y / 2)+|} \frac{2 x-y}{2} d x d y$$
from Example 1 directly by integration with respect to $x$ and $y$ to
confirm that its value is 2 .


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': 'The question is to solve the I director doing Kegel the Chase immigration from Syria, a dutiful and from 0 to 1 exists where? Why the ex Divine now moving towards solution. First, we will be evaluating the leading figure. So taking the united bigger which is zero extra square by yes up a solvent disintegration. It will be excuse by by three and you limit from 0 to 1 element. It will be 4 to 1 to the power three by a three minus zero to the power 25 by three which will wait for you. Bye bye three. So this is the value for the digital Now, Uh, we will be evaluating the out of the chest indignation from Google for why three de By solving this integration, it will be by square by six limit from before. After cooking LTD will be 44 square by six minus whose whereby six That is a close to 16 by six, minus four by six which will be worth well by six. That s too. So who is the final answer for the human question? Thank you'}

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