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Problem 19 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate the line integral.
$\int_{C} 3 x d s,$ where $C$ is the line segment from (0,0) to (1,0) followed by the quarter-circle to (0,1)




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Video Transcript

given not go Three eggs the is see is a line segment from zero comma 0 to 1 comma zero on 1/4 circle Didn't judoka movement So my radius is one So we have this segment we have dear Obama 00 comma one until one comma zero sum a graph Is this line on this silk? So we're defined two girls so x one for the line segment is equal toe zero plus one minus zero in tow The even physical duty my Bible physical do zero we don't have by my eggs to will Big will do Costea on my wife and being will do scientific I to that is fine the s one which is cool Do under room door X dash x one Dashti whose square plus via one Dashti whose Where this is equal to X stashed years one blue square So I get the answer as one d d one my ds two will week will do X dash to on square This my dash to see who squared ET to this is equal to minus scientist e who's where Bless Costea whose where did he do this is a Gaelic will do de de do somebody s one d The esto reported to their duties. So let us find no line into girl three x dia's It will be given by 0 to 1 three in two x one the divan plus zero to buy by 23 into X two GT two So three outside 0 to 1. What is excellent? D DT one Lazio do by away 23 outside. What is x two? It is gusty. Did he do so? This is it Will do. Three woman These were by 20 to 1. Bless sighing d Do you know what do Bye bye To be assigned by where two was one. So my integral three x ds is equal to three into one by two. Bless three into what it is a three by two plus three which is equal to nine by to

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