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Problem 6 Easy Difficulty

Evaluate the line integral.
$\int_{C} 3 y^{2} d y,$ where $C$ is the line segment from (2,0) to (1,3)


$=81 \int_{0}^{1} t^{2} d t=27$


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Video Transcript

given the integral three by square D. Buy on tick off, See from the point over zero to one Goma tree. So that is fine by bicycle to zero plus three minus zero. T is equal to three t they pull might be bicycle, too. Three The deep. So let us substitute in the three Vice Square de Vie. We know that vise ranging from 0 to 3 three into why is three D three d holes where what we could be via three d d into three d d physical. 20 to 3, nine into 90 square the tea Is it cool to it? Even 0 to 3 30 square d d. So what? We did it even into the three by 30 to 3. So this is it will do if the one into three Cuba's 27 divided by three. So this is nine to my answer is 729

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