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Problem 80

Evaluating Limits Use a graphing utility to evalu…

Problem 79

Evaluating Limits Use a graphing utility to evaluate

$$\lim _{x \rightarrow 0} \frac{\sin n x}{x}$$

for several values of $n .$ What do you notice?


We notice that the limit is equal to $n$ in each case


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Video Transcript

you never let me go First sign of any over I So when n is equal to one, our graph looks something like this and it touches Act one Are y axis well and you couldn't do I live it X approaches? No. A sign to act over. Good. Your app looks something like this. No, and it touches are by axe is up to. And then if you notice a pattern and we got one are limited, you got one. Well, I mean you couldn't tell are limited so we can say that looking good. That's the limit as extra poaches, though a sign of anything Well, that is equal to its end.