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Problem 16

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions In Exercises 1…


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Problem 15

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions In Exercises 15 and $16,$ evaluate the six trigonometric functions of the angle $\theta$ .





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Video Transcript

Okay. So as to find the six chick functions of I'm go data. Okay. Uh, the sexy Joe out or trend? Yeah. You have data in this 0.3 comma. What? So we know that co sign integrate or knuckle sign Our export here is three. Oh, here's what. And then our hypotheses could be You could see the square root of three squared four squared, which gives me 16 plus nine, which is 25 quid with 25. We're fine. Okay, So now we have every fight like, so we no sign of beta vehicle Two opposite with just four over hi parties Coastline a beta equal Thio Jason which is draped over hypotheses to reply handed Data musical to office it over, Jason, that for today. Okay, No, we have co tenders data. Excellent. With that Down over here Ko 10 digital data, which is Jason overhype adjacent over opposite, which is three over. And then we have you can of data, which is hi. Pop knees just flies over the and call the temple data, which is tops. It ordered a typical of sign of data which is equal to five over four

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