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Problem 22

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions In Exerrises $…

Problem 21

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions In Exerrises $21-24$ , evaluate the sine, cosine, and tangent of each angle. Do not use a calculator.
$$\begin{array}{lll}{\text { (a) } 60^{\circ}} & {\text { (b) } 120^{\circ}} & {\text { (c) } \frac{\pi}{4}} & {\text { (d) } \frac{5 \pi}{4}}\end{array}$$


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we're giving 60 degrees gate drawing that out. Actually, there were 60 degrees. That means that our side are opposite side large it and are our Jason side. So this is gonna be clear and this will be one, and it's still based on that. Hey, toad and sign of data. First sign of 60 degrees is equal to opposite. Over. Coastline of 60 is equal to a Jason, which is one over two attendants of 60 is equal to opposite over descent Which one? Now, For part B, you have sign of 1 20 degrees, which is equal to square with a three over chip co sign of 1 20 degrees which is equal to native one over two tangents of 1 20 degrees that is equal to sign of 1 20 overcoats. Enter 1 20 which gives me where would it be? Over to overwhelm negative one over two, which is equal Teenagers crudity support. See, we have pyre report full power before that's 45 degrees. So I opposite and encased inside that safe. And I had bought me this girl with a chip The sign of data No people one over square root of two coastline data is equal to one over square root of two. That's what they date with fire before and tangent of data, is it? Look what? Okay. And now we have five pi over four. Well, 55 before we know four pies in quadrant one and five pie. That's almost six pi over four, which is three partridges. That's near record in three. We're just before quadrants. Four. Yeah. So we have five pi over four. We know that our opposite and our addition and with their things Mr Over four. So this is negative one. And this is a good one. Are my partner is a square with a chip. Okay, so sign of data opposite over my partner coast. I know. Data opposite or adjacent. Over. Hi, Panis and tangents. Bit up, which is upset over. I do that. Give me one

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