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Problem 92

Rubidium iodide has a lattice energy of -617 kJ>m…

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Problem 91

Explain the trend in the lattice energies (shown here) of the alkaline earth metal oxides.


The given table shows decreasing values of lattice energies for the oxides of alkaline earth
metals as we go down a group in the periodic table. Since atomic size increases down a group,
the distance between the metal ion and the anion increases. Potential energy decreases as
distance between the charges increases according to Coulomb's law. So the oxides of larger
metal cations have lower potential energy. This causes lower lattice energies as shown in the



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Video Transcript

so we had to explain the train and lots of any deal on line. Metres outside the Warriors won Stannis deaths when you go down a growth in the periodic table. So Donna grew the size off that song increases and as you increase the size of the hot on the distance between the method all the time and the honey, I am so metal sign, we talk about him outside. Yeah, you know, X. Why so as the size off and increases then this times between their hand on the oxygen also increases. It's been called the seat. Yeah, as any crisis, they also increases and exited increases. That means that the force of attraction between the ham and ah hole decreases according to columns long. So we know that the Wallaces Q one Q chew or are split. So has this are increases the forced increases right, because the forces in mostly proportional Tahar Square, So the Simpson also translates to the metal outside when the mental hold sided. When the size of the mental increases, the force of attraction between the letter and the cops again decreases and that leads to decreasing the Nazis energy Okay, because the potential hanji decreases. Based on this

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