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Problem 70

CH3F is a polar molecule, even though the tetrahe…

Problem 69

Explain why CO2 and CCl4 are both nonpolar, even though they contain polar bonds.


In $\mathrm{CO}_{2},$ there are two polar bonds. But since $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ is a linear molecule, the polar bonds directly oppose each other. In other words, the dipole moment of one bond opposes the dipole moment of the other. So the sum of the two dipole moments is zero. This makes the molecule non polar.
In case of $\mathrm{CCl}_{4},$ the geometry is tetrahedral. So the net dipole moment of the four identical polar bonds is zero. Hence $\mathrm{CCl}_{4}$ is also non polar.



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Video Transcript

I don't have a work on problem. 69 from Chapter five in this problem were asked why carbon dioxide and CCL four carbon tetrachloride are both non polar, even though they contain polar bonds. The carbon oxygen and carbon chlorine bonds holer. So where the molecules that possess these bonds non polar so we can go ahead, go ahead and show the structure of each for carbon dioxide. We have two oxygen's doubly bound to the carbon with the lone pairs so we can go ahead when we're talking about polarity. We're talking about electron imbalance. We're talking about diaper moments, so we need to represent the diaper on these structures. And so the electrons are gonna be pulled away from the carbon towards B oxygen in both bonds. And even though we have a diaper moment here, we have an imbalance of electrons. They're exactly equal and opposite because it's a perfectly linear molecule molecule, and the bonds the oxygen's on either side are identical. And so we see that the disciples canceled. There's no net, Di Poole, and what we need for polarity is to have a net Duyvil. We need to look from the outside of the molecule and see the electron imbalance here. We don't see. We can look. Att carbon tetrachloride c c 04 and see if it's something similar here. We have a lot of them in pairs on chlorine atoms, but still just for chlorine is bound to the carbon. And again we have polar bones. And again the bonds were pulling away from the carbon toward the glory. So again we have the same thing. Here we have a diaper moment, but because the chlorine that we have attention hydra structure. So the Koreans, all of the Koreans, are identical in terms of position, and all of their diaper moments are equal, so they all pull in opposite direction. So again we see no net diaper, and that's why both of these molecules are not polar.

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