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Problem 3

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be…


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Problem 2

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be factored, write prime. Factor out the greatest common factor as necessary.
$$3 y^{3}+24 y^{2}+9 y$$


$3 y^{3}+24 y^{2}+9 y=3 y\left(y^{2}+8 y+3\right)$



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Video Transcript

I asked a factor. The expression. Three white Cube plus 24 white skirt plus nine white. Well, look at the coefficients. We have a three 24 a nine. We can factor out three from those terms. Next we look at our White Cube y squared and why? And from those three would conflict you're outta. Why? So this means were now left with Weiss Grade plus eight. Why plus three.

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