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Problem 5

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be…


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Problem 4

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be factored, write prime. Factor out the greatest common factor as necessary.
$$60 m^{4}-120 m^{3} n+50 m^{2} n^{2}$$


$60 m^{4}-120 m^{3} n+50 m^{2} n^{2}=10 m^{2}\left(6 m^{2}-12 m n+5 n^{2}\right)$



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Video Transcript

we asked the factor. This expression here, the greatest clone factor of 61 20 and 50 is 10. Next we look at her EMS. Ellie can factor out. I'm squared from those three, and lastly would look at her ends. So because the first time does not have an end, that means we can't factor out any ends. So this means we're left with 6 a.m. Squared 12 m and in five and squared.

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