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Problem 7

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be…


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Problem 6

Factor each polynomial. If a polynomial cannot be factored, write prime. Factor out the greatest common factor as necessary.
$$x^{2}+4 x-5$$


$x^{2}+4 x-5=(x+5)(x-1)$



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Video Transcript

we're asked to factor X scripless for X minus five now that the leading coefficient is one, so both terms must start with X. Now, as for the constant terms, they must multiply together to be negative five and add together to be positive for so we'll list are factors of negative five and in pairs that will be negative. One comma positive five and positive one comma they get five. So are these twos that well listed? The first pair is the one that will give us a sum of positive for So that means are factors are X minus one an X plus five.

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