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Problem 83 Hard Difficulty

Factoring Completely Factor the expression completely.




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Video Transcript

So our question is to factor teak you plus one. So first thing, we need to recognize that this actually a special back during case. And it's called some of cubes. So to remind us what some accuses it is a cube plus be cute equals a plus B times a square minus a B plus B squared. Okay, So usually what most humans have trouble with is realizing which order these signs are. And what I always remember is that the 1st 1 is always the one we had originally in the problem. And then the 2nd 1 is the opposite. So going back to teach you plus one, we have a people t and be equal to one. So T Q plus one, you ghouls. Um, following what we had a equals t and vehicles one, we have t plus one times t square minus t plus one. And that is your answer