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Problem 124 Hard Difficulty


Empirical formula: $\mathrm{C}_{10} \mathrm{H}_{10} \mathrm{Fe}$


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Video Transcript

So we're looking at there. More cure call for Racine. So, counting iron coming the hydrogen. So where we have soup or nine? 437 grammar for we're seeing undercover. Come to compassion. It's generate 2.233 grandma. So to as serial 0.457 graham off our water. So we have to find out the empirical formula from Know those information. Okay, so first off for ah, we have Teoh, right? Um, chemical equation. Well, how we may be able to do that because, um, we know that he can sing lying, but we don't know how many Eltham Then we have carbons, and then we have ah ha jin So and then we are going to have ah, oxygen. And then we're going to who use Ah, see what you and he Sure that you can try to bonds that by You're saying x y c o abc any off, then nobody will just make, um, the problem a little bit complicated, But let's start with the most simple solution. Thio something something steamboat and we can solve for there. So we find that ah were given that we have two points with the Seagram. Also, too, has zero point sold. 57 grandma age too. Okay, so from here, we should be able to find out lumber off mo, um, off Commons. And also the lumber Move off hydrogen from former sin from former scene. Okay, so let's move on a national that we have to appoint you flew free. Um, Graham off seals you because they're carbons. He's come from the frozen, so the number or more seals you mull hat must have the same number Movil carbon enforcing. Okay, so we just need to convert it to ah, limbo mall. So we have a 2.2 point two, huh? Two for 23 feet wide by, um, common for us too. Oxygen. So we have 0.5 075 most. And we have that much off. So it's you. Essentially we have We have them much off. Um, come in. All right. So the next step will be Ah, we will have Ah, Sirrah, point 4th 57 grand off water. You're going to convert that to lumber Most soup or 45 70 wide by the mass of water and that we have Ciro 0.20 25 four most Okay, So how about hydrogen? Ah, I mean hydrogen for hydrogen. Um, we will have ah to hydrogen for each watermark you'll. So we had to mother flight the whole number most by to soc. You have C syrup on 0254 times too. So we have syrup on 0508 Most off. How's your? Okay, So Ah, we have a number. Most that X that we recovered that to mass. So for the mass off ah, hydrogen that we have to be so irresponsible. 508 square have been for the mass off. Ah, Cabinet would be equal to soup on 609 Graham. Okay, so why do we need to find the massive carbon hydrogen? If we go back to our question, we are keeping their always, you know, a model for ST 0.9 47 syrup on 9 47 and they containing aren't common and, uh, hundreds. Okay, so the actual formula here is that we have foreseen off the except for irons. The medal. Yeah, it won't be Ah, burned soup potency or to an extra O is only the particle in carbon. Hodgins going to be burned to become CEO to H 20 So off the carbon, See? Ah, 100. Is there going to be burnt to be removed? And then Ah, we mean the master p due to the press and off Ryan. OK, so we're going to found a mass if iron. Okay, so we're going to find a massive I indeed, uh, for a scene. Okay, so we have soup or 94 for you. Seven is the total mass. Subtract our mass off, um, cabin and then subtract our mass for ah, hydrogen. So simple in Ciro 508 Okay, just to double check. Okay, so we have sealed for 94 for you. Seven miles syrup on. Um sit. Sown. I last suit won't signify. Oh, wait. And then we would have still 0.2839 graham off. Hi. Okay, so the Lexx tablets, we're going to find a lumber. Most wine. So then we're almost of iron were half hour mass If I and sewer 0.28 3 91 by them with a massive fire. And if he is fit for the 5.85 and then we will have 5.8 um, five points. He will eighth week time Tend to the level three malls. Oh, we will have, um, zero foreign Ciroc 050 a three mooks. Okay, so you honor the father Empirical. For now, we're looking at the moon the way show off. I am too common to hide regions. So we will have several 0.5 to a 34 I am for cabin. You will have civil porn. Zero Ah, fire old 75 syrup on several fi. 075 And then for our hydrogen. We have syrup on 05 08 Okay, so subtle form of civil fire. Way to seal for Seo Ah, 575 syrup on. Seriously, with 50 Uh, a flea. Okay, so we're going to seem to the fight its way. Show divide. This way she'll buy a smallest lumber. So we're super 05475 d white by syrup on since you were five. Full a three. Ah, we have lovely Iran. Ah, 9.98. But I would say is 10 and then the last one is, um, again also wolf ever intent. Okay, so the empirical Fiona is Aryan one come in. 10 110. And this will be the empirical formula.