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University of Washington



Problem 19 Easy Difficulty

Fill in the blanks: Newton’s first law is often called the law of _________; Newton’s second law is the law of _________; and Newton’s third law is the law of and _________.


Law of Inertia
Law of Acceleration
Law of Action-Reaction


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Video Transcript

This question, Okay, we need to fill in the blanks. Mhm. And, uh, in this sentence is about, uh, Newton's The three Laws of Motion and Newton's Laws. So the new dances law is the law of inertia. Okay. And then the 2nd law? Yes, I'm not off acceleration. And that the law is uh huh. Off action reaction okay. Of action and reaction T. So the answer is what the answers for this question are. It was underlying, hey, those keywords initial acceleration, action and reaction. Okay. And that's all for this question.