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Problem 22 Easy Difficulty

Find $ a + b , 4a + 2b , \mid a \mid $, and $ \mid a - b \mid $.

$ a = \langle 8, 1, -4 \rangle , b = \langle 5, -2, 1 \rangle $



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Knowledge S.

February 2, 2021

Is it me going nuts or does 9+9+25=45? Sgould not it equal 43?

Video Transcript

for the given problem, we want to evaluate to some of the factors knowing that vector A is going to be 8 1 -4 And the B vector is going to be 5 -2, 1 with some of these vectors. If we do A plus B, okay, is going to be the component added together. So eight plus 5 13, 1 minus two, negative one and negative four plus one negative three. Then we want to find the magnitude of a. So magnitude of A is going to be the square root of eight squared, which is 64 Plus one Squared, which is one Um plus a negative 4th grade, which is 16. That takes us to 81 squared of 81 we know is nine. So that's the magnitude and this is the final answer.