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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Find a formula for the general term $ a_n $ of the sequence, assuming that the pattern of the first few terms continues.
$ \left\{\begin{array} 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, . . . . .\end{array}\right\} $


$a_{n}=5+3 n$


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Video Transcript

So it looks like the terms are increasing by three every time. So are they in terms? They're gonna have some something here plus three end. Okay. And we know that our terms start at eight. So in order, Tio, make everything consistent. We should have a five there. You can check if you have vehicles one than you have five plus three, which is a and equals to you have five plus six, which is eleven. And then the next term will be fourteen because it'll just be three more Next time will be seventeen because it'll just be three more. That's what this three and is doing here.