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Problem 9 Easy Difficulty

Find a vector a with representation given by the directed line segment $ \vec{AB} $. Draw $ \vec{AB} $ and the equivalent representation starting at the origin.

$ A (-2, 1), B (1, 2) $



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Video Transcript

Mhm. For this problem, we want to draw the given vector, it's going to be a is -2, one, so negative to one. We'll zoom in here, so negative to one and then Our Point B is 12. So if we drew this factor right here, we see that we have to go um up one and over 123 So this is the same thing as the vector that goes up 1/1 23 So this is the same thing as this factor. And we see that that vector is going to be uh in component form 31 We could also put it into unit vector notation, which is going to be three, I the factor I, class J. And that's our final answer.