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Problem 19 Easy Difficulty

Find a vector equation and parametric equations for the line segment that joins $ P $ to $ Q $.

$ P (0, -1, 1), Q (\frac{1}{2}, \frac{1}{3}, \frac{1}{4}) $


$$\mathbf{r}(t)=\left\langle\frac{1}{2} t,-1+\frac{4}{3} t, 1-\frac{3}{4} t\right\rangle, 0 \leq t \leq 1 ;\\
x=\frac{1}{2} t, y=-1+\frac{4}{3} t, z=1-\frac{3}{4} t, 0 \leqslant t \leqslant 1$$


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Video Transcript

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