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Problem 17 Easy Difficulty

Find a vector equation and parametric equations for the line segment that joins $ P $ to $ Q $.

$ P (2, 0, 0), Q (6, 2, -2) $


$r(t)=(1-t)<2,0,0>+t<6,2,-2\rangle \quad t 0-[0,1]$


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Video Transcript

It is well in this book that we need to find the Brooklyn the cartage. Any question of the line passing through this point? So we do that when the better represent our is given by If R is called to a plus lambda V. Okay over here, landlords question to me is the better part to our and art is just a police encounter along the line. Right. And is the point lying on the tropic? So let's say it's point. That means you too. I have zero J cap and you're okay. Right. So you can write it A J R DR equals to our that it means that cycle policy by the capitalists just take a breath. He calls to a capsule. We are aiming at this is to cap plus, you know your cap plus you're okay. Right. And plus of lambda times of Blm to be equal protector, which is parallel to this. These two points of these two sectors is only six months of two for a cap. two minutes of you fuji cap manage to 102 So you can arrange this military cousin R equals two. Two. I can plus learned that times of for I Skyped plus to cap minus two K. Cup. Right? We can also further experience in this little X plus y plus just kick up and I in terms of this one and this one. Okay so we knew the Australian equation in the record form and now in the cartage inform that we know that that would be the form of x minus of excellent upon X two minus X one equal to y minus Y. One upon y tu minus y one equals two. Gentlemen. Gentlemen upon to minus gentlemen, so we know that X one equals to two and two x -21 six minus two. That will be for Equal to Y- of zero upon 2 minutes of people do. Gentlemen, you upon -2 of 0 -2. This will be the cartoons elocution. OK thank you