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Problem 28 Easy Difficulty

Find an equation of a parabola that has curvature 4 at the


2 x^{2}=y

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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "the problem is wind The an equation off a problem that has to work off or at a region The first to realize why is what you ain't X square is some man zero constant number Then why Franck is equal to to pay tax Why from from this sequel to pay the court took the axe Yes, he taught you after one year off from from over one last line from square to the power Really weird too This is a court You absolute one off to a over one us to a max squired to the power really wants you think thiss private problem has worked off war at a region So we have eight zero Is he good for? I just want you absolutely off too. A sequel to true horn active too So we have the problem Why do you call two two? Ex squire has kalachev war at a region"}

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