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Problem 22 Medium Difficulty

Find an equation of a sphere if one of its diameters has endpoints $ (5, 4, 3) $ and $ (1, 6, -9) $.




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Video Transcript

one of the equation of spare. One of these dominators had in points five, four, three and one six minus nine. So we gonna first fund singers the center of the two end points. It's gonna be the middle points, the two end points. So we're going to introduce the father of me. Point is only half of it. Five plus one and half of four. Class six, half of the three plus minus nine. It's gonna be three five months. Three. That is thie since class fare singer and you're gonna second find the radius of the despair of the ball, the radius of the ball. So how they do so we're going to find the distance between point one, Cleon point four five three and the centre. So you introduced the business. That is going to be five months. Three square plus four months. Five humans five square and the three minus minus three. Three plus three. Actually, that he was for thus one with us thirty six square. The forty one so often. Answer please. Fair is X minus three square. Who has square woman's five plus square Z last three. We close our square. What is us? Where is forty one? Okay,