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Problem 59

Methanol $\left(\mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{OH}\right…

Problem 58

Find $\Delta S^{\circ}$ for the reaction between nitrogen gas and fluorine gas to form nitrogen trifluoride gas. Rationalize the sign of $\Delta S^{\circ} .$


$\Delta S^{\circ}=-278.4 \mathrm{J} / \mathrm{K}$ and see explanation



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Video Transcript

So for this problem, we're wanting Kaka the entropy of this reaction of nitrogen gas reacting with flooring gas to make nitrogen. Try flooring gas. So let's run out. The reaction into was chlorine gas goes in a three, also the gas. And so now it's balance the equation. So there's two. Nitrogen is on the left center. Need to be to nitrogen is on the right, and so now we have six florins on the right, so there needs to be six on the left. And so now we have a balanced reaction. And so now we need to calculate the entropy so it could do that by, um, it's not equals. That's not a product's minus. That's not a reactive, also accounting for moles. And so you can look the's up in your textbook and you'll find that. But nitrogen gas and flooring gas are zero for entropy, and this is minus 90. What six. So the answer is minus one 81.2 jewels for more. Oh, come. And so they want you to rationalize why this sign is negative. And so if you look at this reaction going from formals of the gas gas molecules to two moles of gas molecules, so you're becoming less disordered. So four versus two when you add up your reactant. So that's why that means you become or orderto entropy is decreasing so that entropy should be negative.

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