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Problem 7 Easy Difficulty

Find $ dy/dx $ by implicit differentiation.

$ x^4 + x^2y^2 + y^3 = 5 $


$$y^{\prime}=\frac{-4 x^{3}-2 x y^{2}}{2 x^{2} y+3 y^{2}}=-\frac{2 x\left(2 x^{2}+y^{2}\right)}{y\left(2 x^{2}+3 y\right)}$$

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Parker S.

June 4, 2018

in the problem you set it equal to zero, when its supposed to be equal to 5.

Video Transcript

in this problem. We're doing any question and were asked to use implicit differentiation by very why just X. So we're gonna stay there with your old term to expect extent. So let's start from the first term we have or execute. It was for the second door getting portable. So we have two extremes. Well, spread plus explore eight times to wine time since Y is a function of X feels happy I d s plus three U S grade. Again wise function X will be happy by the ex again and that is a zero sense. Why is constant? So let's cripple terms with Levi the ex left inside. So we have some ideas. Oh, thanks to expert wine plus three Westbourne that is equal to then negative to x Oh, wife's Craig waas two squared their promise We don't see that very hopeful I respect eggs physical through negative talk to x Times y skirt was to experience the wild by two x squared plus three wire. Uh, sorry to ex Craig. Why? Plus three one square