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Problem 27 Easy Difficulty

Find each double integral over the rectangular region $R$ with the given boundaries.
\iint_{R} y e^{x+y^{2}} d x d y ; \quad 2 \leq x \leq 3,0 \leq y \leq 2


$\approx 340.2539$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "We heard the terrible integral here. The program is for us. They were in taking from 0 to 2 tours. Two or three. Why it a poor express y square? Do you freaks the way? So we're going toe Integrate firsts three or four it's picked two ex The ex The creation of this one off the X So remember that we can write this Krish this program here, Ike because here is you know that exponents off, sir Justice Project which we can have the off from 0 to 2 this is divert the ranger off. Why? So we can put the values which are which are not depending on X but I Why it's not depending on me eggs and need to bore Why spread then integer off from to 23 off me Tober x I'm ready to where this is he too. Poor X then the ex The y This is the n e z interest group were so great it to pour eggs is their ways Tickle toe. It took our eggs so well. We get in a go from zero to through. Why Tito? Poor Why squared beautiful y squared Then we have he took four eggs. This one If our weights from 2 to 3, then deal Foy. Good. So here we can have. If we put the ferry off eggs, he'll have Ito poetry. Milosz Veto power to this is also not depending only. Why can you have this gonna be good too, Ito for three minus two poor through value. If Rex very off x here, then time Was it into group 0 to 2 Or why youto bore? Why Scared? Sorry again. This is another go it for Why? Why is great the oh for memories encircle. It's good too. One of two Ito Poor whites Pro Uh why scream because into poorer Why scream if you use the four meter off? He too bored in a group. Then I tried dries to form. You're here, neighbor. He to bora you off eggs functional for pics Is that are functional for eggs? You or for pecs? Do any eggs The oval eggs? This is good too. Mito What you or for X? Functional for X over you over Biggs. They're evocative. So we were has veto boy Twice created over the event. If off y squared which is going toe to wife. Why we canceled by White So that we will have to Here we'll have he too poor. My last three minus you too. Poor two Time's the one off too. Did he have to hear? Because is too. Why with this world girl and Ito Bower, Why scratch? Then we put their very or food. Why? Which is goingto zero ended Too good. This is good too. We can put Avery off by here. This goto then put to here and here is I need to pour onboard it, don't I? Toby, is this good too? The internet is cool to two on the merit that we have need to pour city minus you too. Poor two times here. If we put to here, we have to square means that is the key to bore for you too powerful. If we put 00 SKorea is it to poor zero which is going to one minus one. Good. So under then This is gonna be good too. This is too. So we have into borrow seven minus you to pour three. This one time was this one then this time is this one is minus 8246 Then this is press. It's a boy too. This is the final answer. If you would like to compute it with carry getthe, the final answer is 300. And for two, 340 point toe. Bye. 94. And so this is a point here. Have pointy. Good. This is a a Sephora question today."}

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