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Problem 21 Easy Difficulty

Find each double integral over the rectangular region $R$ with the given boundaries.
$$\iint_{R}\left(x^{2}+2 y^{2}\right) d y d x ; \quad-3 \leq x \leq 3,-3 \leq y \leq 3$$




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Video Transcript

So here we have a program rented toe double Integral. We're full respect to deceive Ragnar's way. Have bone excusing me. Ex ministry list on like a two ex less than a good 23 And why is also between minus three and three? So we haven't takeoff exist. Three A plus two y squared. Do you buy on the X? See? This way there. See and check What kind of be good too? It's gonna be good to We can integrate very awful eggs here because we have depicts my last 3 to 3, which is mindless three to city. Good. And are you for it? I just got toe also minus C 23 Good on ya or X is great for us, Toe. Why? It's clear them the way and the eggs. You all right then, date Biggs. Good way. Can start integrating 1st 3 with respect. Toe Very ba way. So here. Integrating this with respect to a way we have but excess square tables. Why here is to over three. Oh, I keep Thank you for everything. This is this year. This would be good too and say grow from minus three, 23 then we took Great this one. With respect to why? Which is good too? Eggs square. Remember, toe incinerate this with respect to what? This is constant. So is excess squared things? Why press here? We have two added one white 0.3 over three times to go to two things. Why Cube? Few Burgundy's over three. Then you have to put the bone in Paris, which is good for three. And my inner city. Here, the off eggs. This is good too. And they grew. It's from minus three. It was minus here and that's very took three. Oh, if we put Avery a full X here we have What? Sorry. Very awful. Why? Here is three picks three Thanks, sis. Korea. Closer boys with city plus people three Here we have three to pull three. Just go to 27. Dividing by three. This is good toe. Eight No, nine, nine times two is 18. Then we're going to every way. With respect, ma'am. Lavery off minus three. I'm sorry. So minus my last three times Why is my last three year my life? The X Square, then with minus again is press. This press exists Created press three X squared. So instead of ice three Biggs squared, then minus this manner three times to pour. Three is minus 27 over three. It's minus 18. They must mine us in his press again. Press 18 then the eggs. Oh, and we're gonna be good too. And they grew off my last three. Okay. Is it pretty? My last 3 to 3 off. So we have 60 excess created. Three extra spare. Crossley exists. Where is 60 eggs cleared? Sorry. Again. 100 things. Notified. 16 x squared for us 18. Press 18 is 36. 36. How, then we integrate with respect to eggs. The eggs here. Good. This is good too. It's gonna be good too. And they grew minus three. Yeah, it is a three. So articulating six x y with respect to eggs. He has six is constant eggs. We have toe had one here and the divide to Prince Juan, which is goingto eggs for 36 Sorry, I will not put the same He again brokering Not keep this one. This is good to minus three, 23 60 Exists Created the ex press That's six and take world minus three 23 the eggs. Good. So this is good too. Six X Cuban XTO fostering over three. Then we put three here in the minus three here for us. This stunt six times X. So you're good. That's six days. They exit then city and minus three, which is good toe. He I proof report that this is like we can just simplify this one. And this you are and you have to hear It's okay. So you have to x cube if we put the yacht is 27 minus 27 with press is 54. So times two is 108. Press three minus minus three is three plus three is 6 36 times six is 100 and the AIDS times two. Cause here we can have two. I was six things. Two So this is 200 16 3 218 Yes. 216 216 and finer Answer. This is good too. This kowtow. 300 24 24 Yes, 24. Thank you. Said the answer