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Problem 43 Medium Difficulty

Find each measure. (Lesson $5-4$ )
$$\mathrm{m} \angle B F D$$




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Video Transcript

we need to find the measurement of angle B F D. Well, let's take a look at segment F D. F is the midpoint of BC D is the midpoint of Segment A C so F D is a mid segment of the Triangle ABC Mid segments are parallel to the third side of the triangle, and since these two segments or parallel, that makes side BC a trans verceles and if side BC is a trans versatile than angle E B f and angle B f d r same side interior angles, so they are supplementary that allows us to set up the statement. The measurement of angle E B F plus the measurement of angle B F D must equal 180 degrees. They are same side interior angles of parallel lines on a trans versatile. We know that the measurement of angle E B. F is 95 which sets up a simple algebra step to solve for the measurement of angle B f d. If I subtract 95 the measurement of angle B F D must be 85 degrees

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