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Problem 42 Easy Difficulty

Find equations of the normal plane and osculating plane of the curve at the given point.
$$x=t, y=t^{2}, z=t^{3} ; \quad(1,1,1)$$


3 x-3 y+z-1=0


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "the problem is, find the equations of normal play on DH asked light implying off the curve out of a given point. Actually, they got plenty mean, Why's it got to you? It's easy to square on. The point is to zero to one. So at this point we have Here is a good one. So first to become reliant is liquid. You sure? And his quiet half a key prom. It's the culture. One word shoe to people. So we have from one says they could want Teo to. And this is no life to have the normal plane. So we have the equation with normal plane years Ice, Cyril US two hands lie minds too. Last two times saying minus one is equal to zero. Next to compute magnitude of prom. This is Echo two Quirici one over his squire plus or want squire. So this is a true one. Blast to squire or half if they want to. One over one. Plus squire, you're over. Want us to it? Square surety squire or one blast to his squad. So one is the coat too. One third. You He promised you negative or over one plus two C square score. This is too honest. Want his squire over one plus two square clay. Hello. Over one plus two square scoring. So keep crime. One week or two. Next. For what? Nine. Negative. Two overnight. Whoa. His magnitude of Juan prom. This thing could do six overnight. So we have on one. Yes, they do. Negative to food. Negative one on to third. And do you want? Isn't that you? You want trust Not what this is culture to third make you with their one third he want is a normal actor of the escalation flying simplicity. We can take it a normal to off. This plane has two negative to Andi. What to the equation for the escalating plane is two times X minus zero minus two House Y minus two. Minus one in Clinton's here."}

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