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Problem 43 Easy Difficulty

Find equations of the osculating circles of the ellipse
$9 x^{2}+4 y^{2}=36$ at the points $(2,0)$ and $(0,3) .$ Use a
graphing calculator or computer to graph the ellipse and
both osculating circles on the same screen.




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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "The problem is on the equations of the escalating circles lifts nine X square plus y square is equal to thirty six Hat's appointed to zero and zero three Use of rough in calculator Our computer to graph the lips and the post are escalating circles on the same story. First went into a computer the kosher cages. You go to extra housewife from Rome minus y from sex from from why do you want this one over x from Squire? Why from squire is the power ofthe three over too? Here for this list. We're hot. We can like thanks. You called too. Shoot house call Sign data on DH kasan t You're pretty used to task assigned And why is he called? Three times fine And they have x from this iko too negative two times Signe Why from is a good too Three counts of Society X from from physical connective to find he Why from found his connective three house signed she so they have come Orchard is equal to absolutely while you thinks I'm he squire Last six times Call sign his scoring over war camps sign he's a player US nine times call sign US player to the poverty of the over too. This is income to six over or or signed his player. Last nine was signed. He squire. She's a part of three over too. Now I was appointed to zero. We have Hey, it's the culture zero. Okay, The euro is equal to six over nine. Choose power off very over to suggest it's in country two or nine. Then we're half the wildness of the escalating circles. I'm disappointed to zero is equal to nine over too. Thank you. The center is Schum wise nigh over too. Zero suggestive negative over to you zero The equation for the escalating circles to the point two zero is axe us off over too. Squire asked why Squire isn't what you eighty one. What for? Now that's the point, Heroes. Three we have Hey zero He is equal to Hi Forward too. Okay, pie over too is in court You six over four to three over to this is in control three whole war war. So the wires out escalating circles at the point there there are three is a crowd for over three. Center is, you know, three minus for the resistance is in court. Zero off over three. The equation for that escalating circles is I squared. Plus why Linus off or re squire is they called you sixteen over nine. Now let's look at the grafts. The blue one is the class, or the curve the green one is on is a wild one as escalating circles off this curve at a point zero three and zero."}

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