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Problem 30 Easy Difficulty

Find $ f $.

$ f"'(x) = \sqrt{t} - 2\cos t $


$\frac{8 t^{7 / 2}}{105}+2 \sin t+$$\frac{C t^{2}}{2}+y t+d$

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Video Transcript

So for this problem were given that F triple crime Yeah from X is given to us as being equal to the square root of tea. So it's going to be what is called X. X. To the one half minus to cosign P or minus two crows and X. An F double prime of X is going to be equal to X to the 3/2. Um over three have 72/3 times this. I'm in a negative cosine X. That's going to be minus two Synnex class C. Then F prime of X is going to give us two thirds Times X to the 5/2ves Provided by 5/2. That's going to be times two fists. That's gonna make this for 15th. And then I'll be minus or plus to co sign X plus C. X plus D. And then lastly for our final answer will get ffx is equal to 8/105. Yeah. X. to the 7/2ves minus two. Sign X. or plus two cynics. Yeah. Plus see X squared over two plus de plus or plus D. X. Plus key. And that will be our final answer.