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Problem 42 Medium Difficulty

Find $ f'(x) $. Compare the graphs of $ f $ and $ f' $ and use them to explain why your answer is reasonable.
$ f(x) = x^5 - 2x^3 + x - 1 $


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Video Transcript

hey is clear. So when you read here, so yeah of X is equal to X to the fifth minus two ex cute Klis X minus one. Me differentiated in terms of X, we got five next to the fourth, minus six X square plus one. We're gonna grass original and black and are derivative in red. Our original looks like this and are derivative will look something like this, but these two touching each other. We see that this is negative. One does this positive one. When the derivative is less than zero, the originals decreasing. And when it's bigger than zero, the originals increasing the F of X has a local extreme when the derivative of F A Becks crosses the X axis