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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Find $ \mid u \times v \mid $ and determine whether $ u \times v $ is directed into the page or out of the page.

$ \mid v \mid = 16 $
$ \mid u \mid = 12 $


$96 \sqrt{3}, \quad$ into the page

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Video Transcript

Hello. Welcome to this lesson in this lesson. We have the diagram over there of the victors. You in vain? Be nice to find, uh, length of the cross board that you cross fame. So this is even us. The magnitude of you times the magnitude obey Sign Sita. Mhm. So here we have you cross May as the magnitude of you that is 12 times the magnitude of men, that is 16. Sign. 120 degrees. Okay, so here you cross me is giving us 16. Last 16 times 12. That is 192. Sign 100 and 20 degrees to represent them as radicals would make a substitution sign. Feta is equal to cost feature minus. Yeah, Yeah, 90 degrees. Okay, so here signed 100 and 20 would be cool to cause 120 minus 19, and that is cost 30 degrees. Okay, so let's draw. Okay. Oh, all right. Okay. So here, cause 30 degrees would be poor to the adolescent. Over the high. Putin knows that is quite a bit of tray on two. So coming back to our main question, we have 192 192. Course 30. Because we found out that cause 30 years simply sign 120. So this is Yeah. 192 then Booth, three over to them. So that is 192. Divided by two. That is 96. Screwed of three. Okay, so that is the magnitude of the crossroad. That and this is directed into the page. Finish your time. This is the end of the lesson.