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Problem 9 Easy Difficulty

Find parametric equations and symmetric equations for the line.

The line through the points $ (-8, 1, 4) $ and $ (3, -2, 4) $


$x=-8+11 t, \quad y=1-3 t, \quad z=4 ; \quad \frac{x+8}{11}=\frac{y-1}{-3}, z=4$

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Video Transcript

So what we want to do now is to find the equation paramedic and Semitic. Again that passes through two points again minus eight, 14 and three minus two. For And then again, this is my and this guy's from where I subtracted to get my letter B. It is my normal electricity. Is this square back at Game MENSA, This is 3-plus 8 -2 -1, then 4 -4, which is 11 -3 and zero. But we are observed that there is a zero on on G. Which means that the line that I get is going to be parallel to four, right? So Gs for that starts fixed, there's no chance. And then for symmetric what I do is I do the same thing. So x -10, divided by 11. As you go to Y -1 x -3. & G. Question four because it is fixed. And then for parametric, I quote this guy to be okay, this guy should not be this gradual T. So excess. Eleventy minus eight. Why is minus three T plus one And G equals to four. That's it.