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Problem 30 Medium Difficulty

Find the acute angle between the lines.

$ x + 2y = 7 $ , $ 5x - y = 2 $




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Video Transcript

The problem is, I find is a cute angle between allies. Express to lie is likely to someone on Day five. Lacks minus Y is secret, too. So first we need to find a direction. Factors of this two lies with the lying ax. Plus two. Why is it that one face slow poses line? You sequel to negative one over two. So it's a direction back to off this line be you see, Can't you too? Negative block and face the slope off our fax months? Why would two is a cultural five that direction? Bacteria. It's the country one, then within out A acute angle between the lines is Leda. Then they if they could you assign humorous absolute one of you dot re over my intuitive be your few hands magnitude of B. This is because you're assigned numerous three over negative twenty six hands router. Far. This is a part seventy five degrees