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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Find the area of the shaded region.




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Video Transcript

okay for this question we see everything is represented by why, like why X equals y squared minus to an axe. Eco's too either the power Why? So it will be more convenient for us Take the inch grow in with respect to buy So are sheeted region area A very close to the end of our world is with respect Why in the band and go goes from ninety of war here who want and ah, here by the formula is just the upper curve here Ah, there Choose sides to the power by minus the Laura curve the proble life square minus two Okay, so our next step we find ah, anti derivative of that. This will be to Apollo. Why mine is no work. Three like you. Close bye then The value of the pound boundary whyyou goes to war Kanan Lycos Nike Air War. So the result will be Mmm, minus one third plus two Miners need to empower ninety one minus Ah, my as one third times. Like you one Q, which is not a good one. Minus two. Right, So to reach out, uh, there will be cases. Plus here. Those two combined together will give us a four. And this will be too next to third. So minus. But what A To the power ninety one on minus two. Third plus whore quietness to third close four. And we can combine those two together. This's, uh, plus ten, ten third. Okay, me minus, But over me. Close third. Right, So this will be our answer.