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Problem 4 Medium Difficulty

Find the critical value (or values) for the $t$ test for each.
a. $n=15, \alpha=0.05,$ right-tailed
b. $n=23, \alpha=0.005,$ left-tailed
c. $n=28, \alpha=0.01,$ two-tailed
d. $n=17, \alpha=0.02,$ two-tailed


a) 1.761310136
b) -2.818756061
c) 2.770682957
d) 2.583487185


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Video Transcript

Hi This question. We're gonna find the critical value from the table and Microsoft Excel as well. So just, ah, refreshing our memory about the concept off the critical value in case off we have a one tail. Either that the right tell, as we have here on the left, till it's gonna be the home value and in one position, everyone side on if it's in case off fright tale is gonna be positive value. And here's the location off it on a case off. Lift him. It's gonna be a negative value on it will be in here. But if we have the case off ah, to tell, um ah, critical value. You're gonna have to values on the positive one, uh, to the right. As you can see here, I'm gonna get if one is here. So the 1st 1 is one born 761 Uh, because the degree of freedom is 14. Um, this me right, the formal off. It's so degree of freedom is ableto n minus one. Where n is the number of sample size on the 2nd 1 is here because in is 23 on the Alphas point or five as you can see here on the 3rd 1 is here because N is 28. So the deacon you did me a freedom is 27 on. Do we have it as a two tails? Ah, so it will be 217 Ah, 71 on the last one is gonna be here as to 15 with me. Because we have two tails on the Elvis went or two. Andi, don't forget that. In case off number, uh, number two, uh, which is here. We're gonna have a negative value, because itself still, as you can see here, here's the answers from from Microsoft Excel. And he is the function that ah, used for for each one. And be careful about the sign and also to kill and for the details. Please check Question number three